Alex M's Story - Service with Respect Campaign

21 October 2020

4 minute read.


Carpenters Group are proud to support the 'Service with Respect' campaign in association with The Institute of Customer Service. Read more about it here


Alex M's Story

We've interviewed our front-line colleagues across our Insurance Services and Legal Services departments to hear their first-hand insight. 

“Every day of my four years working at Carpenters has been different. Each caller has their own individual issues and needs. I enjoy using the information provided by the caller to solve the problems, assess the liability, make informed decisions on the most likely outcome, explain the best court of action and how we can assist. I’m fortunate enough to work as part of a great team who are easy to get along with and who are supportive of each other, providing helpful guidance when needed.


The changed circumstances of the last few months certainly took some getting used at first. For starters, I didn’t realise how much I took for granted having two computer screens in the office. But as with anything, I slowly adjusted to the new normal. We started several WhatsApp groups with the teams to make sure that we are all staying in touch and offering any help and support to colleagues while they adjust as well.


In the early days of the first lockdown, most customers seemed more relaxed. They understood that things will take a little longer than usual and were appreciative that we were still available, able to offer assistance when needed. The occasional key worker needed everything arranged quickly and we worked quickly to discuss and arrange emergency extensions of hire terms when we wouldn’t normally so that they could keep working through the pandemic. As the lockdown restrictions began to wind down though, customers progressively started to become more concerned with timeframes and getting their car returned quickly. Understandably they were all eager to get out and about out of their houses again.


It is very satisfying to speak to be able to help a customer at their time of need, phoning to report an accident and who is obviously very shaken up. Calming them down, developing a good rapport and referring them to the right teams to help can be very rewarding.”