At Carpenters we appreciate that our clients have diverse needs and some may require extra support from time to time due to their individual situation - never has this been more true than during the current COVID-19 pandemic.   Adjustments may be temporary if going through a tough time, such as unexpected redundancy, or permanent if suffering from poor eyesight or a physical disability.    Whatever it is, we will do everything we reasonably can to make your experience as easy as it can be.

At the earliest opportunity we aim to identify vulnerabilities and record the adjustments or guidance so that anyone dealing with claim will be aware of any arrangements in place to ensure continuity.    Our colleagues are all trained on the many types of vulnerability, signs to look out for and guidance on what changes we can make, including how we act, to meet their needs.

Of course it is up to each individual if they want to tell us about a vulnerability, it is their own business, but if they do we will do our best to help.

On this page you will also find our Vulnerable Clients Policy that sets out in more detail the assistance we can give.



We believe that improvements should be continuous; we can never stop learning how to better service our clients and are grateful to receive feedback in order to do so.  Please contact us with any comments.


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