Our Director of Claims Strategy, Simon Smith, speaks with Modern Insurance Magazine.

05 July 2024

Our Director of Claims Strategy, Simon Smith, recently spoke to Modern Insurance Magazine about building stronger and better client / customer relationships at Carpenters Group. 

How are you building stronger and better client / customer relationships at your firm?

Quite simply, trust, all of our relationships are built upon trust. We have built strong relationships since we started almost 30 years ago, this is a testament to the teams delivering a fantastic service but our partnerships are always be underpinned by Trust. We always ensure that we do right for the client, ethically, culturally and fiscally. 

When partners share the same goals, values and vision, they will be more inclined to work together to overcome organisational or structural impediments, in short, both businesses “win together” through this collaborative approach. In a true partnership, it is not all about the written contract but the relationship and working together for a common goal, to provide a quality personal service to customers.

Ensuring we offer a significant level of cultural alignment to our potential partners is key to maintaining those strong relationships between businesses which ensures total buy-in from all parties. 

We won’t and have never taken commissions, our stance remains that any income value realised through the claims supply chain, should be returned to the client in full. We are still one of the only businesses in the UK that willingly signposts additional income for our partners, through supply chain expertise & experience.

We understand that first class customer service is not only crucial to the customer following an accident, but our insurer partners rely on us to provide the level of service they’ve promised, during the “moment of truth”. When the accident happens we are there to protect their brand and their reputation.

Perhaps one of the biggest trust-related outcomes is that successful business are truly focused on achieving the best outcomes for each other. Ideally, Partners should be using a “vested” relationship models, where both parties are invested in their partner’s success — not just their own, this in turn helps strengthen those relationships, which can last for decades!


Simon Smith, Director of Claims Strategy

Carpenters Group


Credit: Modern Insurance Magazine