Faye J's Story - Service with Respect Campaign

22 October 2020

3 minute read.


Carpenters Group are proud to support the 'Service with Respect' campaign in association with The Institute of Customer Service. Read more about it here


Faye J's Story

We've interviewed our front-line colleagues across our Insurance Services and Legal Services departments to hear their first-hand insight. 

“In the three years that I’ve worked in Carpenters, my work colleagues have become like a family. We are always working as a team helping each other to get the work done.  I really appreciate the firm’s corporate culture of providing benefits and support to staff, such as healthcare, summer and Christmas parties and holiday incentives over Christmas. I find the work very rewarding, being able to speak to and help and support people who are vulnerable after being in an accident.


Working from home was challenging at first, getting used to the new systems and not being in the office around people. However, I soon adapted to the new conditions and found it provides more flexibility and reduces the need for travelling and expenses. Since WFH, I’ve kept in touch with my colleagues every day and it has been nice to be able to support each other. In addition, WFH has allowed us to feel safe and the company have kept us updated with weekly updates and COVID guidance.


Customers have been really understanding during the pandemic. They have understood that we’re WFH and have been patient.  It’s been a bit different for them of course, with no face-to-face meeting and appointments moved to video calls. Some customers have been particularly appreciative that we have continued working throughout the pandemic and were still open and willing to help them in the current situation. Many customers have been worried about seeking medical attention due to the fear of Covid and whether they can still claim, so they have been reassured when they have been advised that they can.


I recently dealt with a client who had their children in the car at the time of the accident. Naturally, they were very distressed and worried, but after an hour on the call, they were very grateful that things were in hand and that we would help them every step of the way. Being able to help people at their time of need like this is a regular reminder of why I enjoy this role.”