Friday – Give your customer service heroes the recognition they deserve

01 October 2021

This week we are celebrating #NCSW21.

On Recognition Day, we wanted to celebrate one of our Carpenters Group customer service Heroes, Nikita Young. We hear from Nikita about her Carpenters Group journey, her inspiration, advice for new starters and her opinion on the importance of customer service.

  • How long have you been with Carpenters Group and what is your role?

I have now worked at Carpenters for 3 years. I joined Carpenters as a Paralegal in 2018 and have just begun my role as a Trainee Solicitor in the Glasgow office which Carpenters are supporting.


  • Who is your inspiration and why?

Apart from my Gran, who is sadly not with us anymore, I would have to say my Mother-in-Law. On a personal level, she has always been there for me since I made the move from Newcastle to Glasgow in 2013. On a professional level, she has really inspired me. She was one of the first Paralegals before the role even had a name. She saw something that she could do outside of her job description and went for it, securing a totally new role for herself. After that, she went from success to success and forged herself an impressive career. She really inspired me to keep going and put the effort in to work full time whilst studying my LLB and Diploma In Legal Practice. She has set a great example of what you can do if you have the drive and belief in yourself.


  • Do you have any advice for new starters?

Organisation is everything! Everyone has their own style of working but getting yourself organised for the day really helps you in the long run. Especially when you are faced with a particularly busy day.


  • Why do you think customer service is so important?

Often you are meeting your client during a time when they are feeling frustrated with the situation they have found themselves in. They are often overwhelmed and are looking for you to explain the process to them.  Delivering good customer service allows you to build a rapport so that they feel at ease with the process and trust you to handle the matter. This not only puts the client at ease, but it also allows you to confidently carry out your role. Good customer service benefits both parties.


  • What do you do to ensure you deliver great customer service?

I always begin with trying to set the client’s expectations. This is crucial so that they understand how the process works and how often you will be in touch with them. If a client knows what to expect from you, it leads to a strong professional relationship going forward. Sticking to timescales and responding promptly are all priorities when it comes to delivering great customer service.