Matched Giving - Well done Raymond Buckley

21 June 2024

We are proud to support our colleagues fundraising efforts with our Matched Giving initiative - a way of boosting the money fundraised.

Congratulations to our colleague Raymond Buckley who recently completed The Race for Life, raising money for the Cancer Research. Raymond has raised an impressive  £540 including a £250 Matched Giving fundraising boost from Carpenters Group.

Here, Raymond tells us more about his fundraising efforts:

"I was fortunate to be offered a job at Carpenters Group, after retiring from my previous employment in November 2023. My retirement lasted just two months, I just had to get back to work!!

Working in the Mail Room with fantastic work colleagues is a dream position. I started on 19th February this year, and at 67, would love to make this my final job. The charitable efforts by the company really caught my eye. I delivered a lot of Easter eggs to places such as Thompsons mission, the Lighthouse Lodge and many other places in Liverpool. The charities that have benefitted from Carpenters Group, I’m sure, are truly thankful for the efforts they have made. I also noticed that individuals were encouraged to raise money for registered charities, and that the business would double any  money raised, up to £250. 

My wife Sheila and step daughter Julie, have been doing the 5k Race for Life since 2010. Sheila’s sister passed away with cancer that year. Two years earlier, Sheila had survived breast cancer, after radiotherapy and a lot of positivity. But then sadly her brother-in-law passed away with multiple myloema, a blood cancer.

In 2016, I decided to enter the race, as I had just stood and watched Sheila and Julie the previous years. I entered my name and details, but was surprised to receive a letter back stating the race was only for women, and men could not enter.

The challenge was on! I re-entered as RAYchel, and the fun began! There was a lot of press coverage, the Star, the Mirror, the Liverpool Echo, the Wirral Globe and even a women’s magazine. I dressed up in a pink skirt, pink nails, pink bra and pink wig.

I raised over £1300, and donated the money from the magazine coverage to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral.

The following year, men were allowed to take part. Each year I still dress in pink, but wear a t-shirt with the words “ Pink and Blue, because men get breast cancer too”. This year the three of us entered again, and completed our 5k, raising a total of £290 between us. Not bad for a combined age of 193! My wife Sheila is 73, I am 67 and Julie is 53.

It was wonderful to hear Carpenters Group would help almost double the amount we raised, and I am extremely grateful. Ironically, there was an extra reason to raise money for the Cancer Trust this year. I found out two weeks ago I have prostate cancer, which has spread to the lymph nodes. I am currently on a hormone tablet and will soon be having radiotherapy. I am positive, and will continue working during my treatment.

Mmm….maybe next year Raychel can make a comeback!!!"

Thank you for sharing your story Raymond and a huge well done to you all!