National Apprenticeship Week, meet Emma

09 February 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 takes place this week, from 7-13 February 2022. It brings together everyone passionate about apprenticeships to celebrate the value, benefit, and opportunity that apprenticeships bring.

At Carpenters Group, we feel passionately about creating opportunities for our people whilst at the same time supporting their development and career paths.

This week we have asked some of our apprentices to talk about their apprenticeship journeys and future career plans and aspirations...

Emma Rankin – Business Admin Level 3

"My apprenticeship has provided me with many opportunities. It has helped develop my confidence in my work, it has helped develop my knowledge of how a business like Carpenters Group works and has developed my knowledge and understanding of legislation, software and finally of how to deal with clients.

The one piece of advice I would provide to any new apprentice is to try not to get too stressed, there is always help for you when it is needed. I really enjoy the work I do as an apprentice, especially getting to deal and work with clients through the ULR work I am involved in. I am staying on with Carpenters Group and hope to complete a paralegal apprenticeship next."