National Apprenticeship Week, meet Sally

07 February 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 takes place this week, from 7-13 February 2022. It brings together everyone passionate about apprenticeships to celebrate the value, benefit, and opportunity that apprenticeships bring.

At Carpenters Group, we feel passionately about creating opportunities for our people whilst at the same time supporting their development and career paths.

This week we have asked some of our apprentices to talk about their apprenticeship journeys and future career plans and aspirations...

Sally Henry – Business Admin Level 3
ULR Apprentice Glasgow Office

"My role as a URL apprentice at Carpenter’s involves recovering uninsured losses for clients such as excess and other out- of- pocket expenses. The main duties of this role are client and time management to ensure the best possible service is delivered at all times.

My apprenticeship was in admin and this meant that I completed modules and course work relating to this subject.  This helped me in my current role to improve my existing IT skills and to gain further knowledge on this topic.  I enjoyed the additional skills and knowledge I gained by attending training courses.

The advice I would give to any apprentice starting in a similar role would be to have strong time management skills and organisational skills as this will be an asset in this role. This will also help you to manage your workload and complete coursework on time.

My plans for the future are to continue to develop my knowledge and building on my experience. Every case I deal with is different as every client is different and the more knowledge I have the better the case handler I can and will be."