The Red Caravan

13 May 2022

We recently spoke to Emma Case to hear more about The Red Caravan and how it became insured…

“I was part of the School of Social Entrepreneurs Start Up programme last year and I had the most wonderful group which included the kindest and most generous guy you could meet, John Collins from our House in Walton. We became good friends and I started to visit Our House where they have a weekly food pantry and loads of other activities including knit and natter groups, a community garden and courses such as helping reduce anxiety etc.

I offered them a short photography project and community members used a disposable camera to document their lives for a week. We asked them to add captions and then we created a photography exhibition in their community garden as part of their 'Arts Day' in the Summer.

Alongside this I was beginning to renovate an old vintage caravan as part of my RED Archive (my project collecting LFC fans' personal photos and stories We crowdfunded in March 2020 (just as the pandemic hit) with the aim of taking the caravan across Liverpool reaching fans that maybe can't afford to go the match anymore, sharing memories and inviting them to get involved through creative activities and oral history.  The caravan was finally finished being renovated in the Autumn of 2021 and we were set to pitch up at Hotel TIA/Taggy's Bar in Anfield for the first game of the season (and the first game after covid). But we had no public liability insurance.

I was speaking to John about it and he mentioned that he knew someone that might be able to help and so he messaged Donna. Funnily enough I already knew Donna online through our mutual connections with Fans Supporting Foodbanks and the football in general.. and within a couple of days Donna had sorted our insurance and covered us for the year.. 

It was such a lovely thing as it was a mixture of the passion for LFC but also, the biggest passion for supporting small social enterprises who are wanting to get out into our local communities. People like Donna help us get off the ground.. and knowing people believe in what we're doing gives us even more fire in our bellies to make it happen.”


Donna Scully, Director, Carpenters Group said:

“John contacted me as we’ve support Our House Walton and their wonderful garden and asked if I could help Emma.  I contacted my longtime friend who worked at AXA Insurance, David Williams and asked if they could help, particularly as they sponsor LFC and are a great company.  Straight away, despite it being difficult, they arranged insurance for Emma and the Red Caravan at no cost. That’s such a lovely team effort.”

You can find out more about The Red Caravan by visiting the RED archive - The RED Archive.