Women of Influence - Leadership Forum

06 May 2021

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Our Director, Donna Scully, has been speaking to Modern Insurance Magazine about how we can create action rather than discussion as we look to move the conversation around diversity, equality and inclusion forward in the industry.

Carpenters Group has always believed in choosing the right people for the right role, regardless of their background or circumstances. By removing any barriers to entry, investing in the tools to support progression and creating the right working environment, we have been rewarded with some fantastic results. 56% of our 1000+ workforce are women, 50% of our Executive board, 45% of our Operations Board and across the business 58% of managers and team leaders at Carpenters Group are women.

Events, particularly over the last year, have put a greater spotlight on diversity and inclusion. Discussions about how we can celebrate difference, whilst ensuring equality of opportunity across all of our business practices and policies has taken on more depth. These discussions at leadership level made us realise, that whilst we have done well in relation to gender, we still have more to do. Our conclusion was that in order to translate those conversations into action we needed to allocate the correct resource, which is why last year, we appointed a full time Corporate Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion Lead.

We are currently analysing our diversity data across the business so that we have a full picture and understanding of where blocks or barriers may have unwittingly been created.  We want to understand about gender, sexuality, disability, race, ethnicity and social mobility in real terms - who we hire, how quickly they progress, how long they stay with the business. We are treating diversity data the same way we would any other business critical management information.

We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Discussions about diversity, equality and inclusion are a crucial starting point to getting everyone in the business on the same page. Leaders must be willing to listen and to learn from colleagues who have lived experiences that are different from their own. With empathy, connection and authenticity we can turn those conversations into actions that benefit everyone in the industry;  colleagues who feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, workplaces that celebrate diversity and businesses that benefit and grow by living their values and employing the right people with the right skills – regardless of their background or circumstances.

Donna Scully
Director, Carpenters Group

Credit: Modern Insurance Magazine