Working in partnership for tangible impact

30 June 2021

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity Lead, Eloise Sochanik, has been speaking to Modern Insurance Magazine about what valuable insights charitable efforts from outside of insurance and financial services can bring to the industry.

Carpenters Group are a key player in the Insurance industry, championing a culture of collaboration and best practise sharing. We maintain close relationship with industry bodies, other organisations and the charities and causes that they support, for example I Love Claims Day, our partnership with Whizz Kids via RSA Motability and most recently the Goggins challenge, being run by individuals from leading organisations from across the industry.

We also recognise the value of looking further afield – especially when it comes to wider business trends, risks and opportunities that affect our communities. Carpenters Group channel their charitable donations and staff fundraising primarily in the fight against hunger and homelessness and this year, the impact of Covid-19 has made that work even more important.

Through our close work with Fans Supporting Foodbanks, we recently pledged to support the Right to Food campaign as we believe that no one should go hungry and that the right to food should be enshrined in legislation. This step supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger, and, our corporate responsibility strategy is founded on the UNSDGs and the creation of effective actions and solutions.

Networking outside of the industry, for example as members of the 30% Club, an influential group of business leaders from the FTSE100 and beyond, has shown us that Corporate Responsibility is high on the agenda, and the importance of reporting against ESG frameworks, including community consultation, support and impact reporting is steadily increasing. Typically, businesses align their charitable efforts with issues that are key to their business operations, which is an important strategic alignment of goals and priorities.

Corporate Responsibility has moved beyond philanthropy and charitable efforts should be founded in partnership working, raising awareness for the agenda and creating tangible impact. Opportunities for the insurance and financial services industry include work with vulnerable customers, provision of financial education and inclusive and accessible product design.

Ultimately, the most important insights from organisations outside of our industry show that if you support your cause with authenticity, humility and build a strong partnership, you will deliver the impact required for the charity, the community, your customers and your colleagues. Delivering against these objectives then unlocks the business benefits for your organisation including attracting the best talent, improving your reputation, providing excellent customer service and winning business from like-minded clients.

Eloise Sochanik
Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity Lead, Carpenters Group

Credit: Modern Insurance Magazine