Carpenters Group independent mediation process called 'Resolver' replaces the current Stage 3 court process. The pressures placed on the court system mean that we frequently wait 9 or 10 months for a Stage 3 hearing date.

Under Resolver, an independent barrister – equivalent to a District Judge - is instructed to resolve the case within 14 days, and at a fee below the Stage 3 issue fee.

Carpenters Group has been operating the process with a number of leading insurers since November 2017, generating significant financial savings for the insurers, and reduced life-cycles and touch points.



  • Significantly reduced life-cycles – the current delays of 9 or 10 months will be reduced to 14 days.
  • Accordingly reserves can be released much earlier.
  • Reduced life-cycles means significantly fewer touch points.
  • More robust and reliable decisions. The decision is made by an independent Judge-equivalent barrister - ensuring a robust process. The Resolver Assessor may have more experience of injury claims than a typical judge dealing at Stage 3.
  • Costs savings for the insurer, in comparison to Stage 3 proceedings.