Carpenters Group proudly supports Social Mobility Day 2024

13 June 2024

Carpenters Group are proud to support Social Mobility Day 2024 and to encourage other employers to put socio-economic diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of their organisations. The aim of today is to improve awareness of what social mobility is, why it is important, and how organisations can take action.

Owner and Director of Carpenters Group, Donna Scully said: “Social Mobility is so important to us and each year we try and go another step further in what we do. We support grassroots charities and causes that are important to our people, clients and the communities in which we work. Ultimately, we want to give back and be part of the community. Hopefully by sharing successes and identifying where we can do better we can inform, inspire and drive lasting change. We currently employ circa 1,500 people across Merseyside, Glasgow, Haywards Heath, Leeds and Manchester”


Driving Change

As our business has grown over the last 30 years it has enabled us to have a greater impact on our communities. We currently have 32 apprentices in the business and actively seeking to hire more, we’ve introduced Legal and Insurance Services Academies which encourage people to learn and progress through our business – with a 100% pass rate so far on each cohort! We’ve also introduced a Development Hub with career guides for different parts of our business and to empower our people to set goals and carve out their future path to success. We also have a highly skilled and committed employee-led Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) team who ensure we keep becoming a more equitable place to work.


Diversity, Inclusion & Development Lead, Emma McAvinchey said: “We believe anything is possible and we are taking action to help future generations believe it too. Our social background shouldn’t determine our success, either professionally or personally. Carpenters Group seek to educate, raise awareness, and most importantly, inspire ambition to cultivate change and success. The main aim of our business, schools, apprenticeship and emerging talent programme, is to encourage and support people to think differently and perhaps to think a little bigger than they maybe might have done.’’

We recently exhibited at the BIBA Conference and partnered with a local school to take a group of children to their Young Broker Day event that was aimed at providing them real life experiences and the benefits of a career in the legal and insurance industry.


Employer’s Excellence Awards

Social Mobility Day 2024 also happens to fall of the awards ceremony of the Employer’s Excellence Awards and Carpenters Group & Director, Donna Scully are shortlisted for two top honours.

Carpenters Group has been recognised in the ‘Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award’ category alongside a host of leading national organisations whilst Donna Scully is recognised for the esteemed ‘Inspirational Role Model Award’.

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