New Rules on Injury Valuation

The way injury claims are valued has changed.

The government introduced new rules on the 31st May 2021 which mean that whiplash claims will be valued under a tariff.   All other claims continue to be valued in the normal way.  This makes it even more important that you tell us about all of the injuries that you have suffered.

Whiplash Tariff

The tariff applies to whiplash injuries that last up to 2 years, and it no longer matters how serious the injury is.

The right-hand column applies where there is also a minor psychological injury.

Other Injuries

The guidance published in relation to the new rules also shows how minor injuries are valued.

The figures in the graph are the maximum values, and individual awards will vary.

The new rules mean that the value depends on the type of injury.  A three month whiplash injury is worth £240, but another minor injury that lasts three months could be worth up to £2300, so it is important that you tell us and the doctor about all of your injuries.