Action Against Fraud - Technology in fraud

20 February 2024

Our Director, Donna Scully, talks how we embrace technology in fighting fraud

With increased digital transformation comes an increased risk of vulnerabilities and exposure to possible fraudulent activity. However, technology can also work in our favour when it comes to identifying suspicious fraud triggers.

How are you embracing technology in relation to the fight against fraud, and how are you continuing to balance this with human sensibility? 

“Having the right people with the right skills, using the right technology” is Carpenters Group philosophy. The right technology is an enabler and must be supported with the appropriately trained, experienced and passionate people on the fight against fraud.

Our counter fraud teams and case handlers are skilled in using technology to detect and prevent fraud. This includes analysing data washed against industry databases, utilising telematics data throughout the claims journey and harnessing technology to identify ‘deep fakes’. "