Action Against Fraud - The Future of Fraud

22 February 2024

Our Director, Donna Scully, talks about The Future of Fraud

Q. Insurance fraud is a dynamic beast. With your finger on the pulse, how do you foresee the future of fraud evolving in the next year / five years / decade?

"IFB are the industry lead on coordination of all fraud matters whereby we receive daily uploads of key attractors, IFB reports, Application Fraud, Cheatline Intelligence, Generic data feed which feeds directly into our claims system, Hotspot reports, Miscellaneous Intelligence, Operation Intelligence, network reports and SRA data.

In terms of evolving technology one would expect to see earlier identification of fraud through mechanisms such as voice recognition, especially at FNOL and machine learning though data collection, particularly as we see more vehicles carry telematics data.

The key areas of investigation at present are Claimant Solicitors acting without instruction, cost layering, exaggeration, and medical exaggeration.  We are paying particular attention to induced, contrived and staged collisions occurring in North/North West London involving motorcycles ridden by couriers and liaising with the industry via the IFB. We are also actively reviewing layering of injuries and rehabilitation and have tactics specifically to target this area for such claims as Tinnitus.

Notwithstanding technology advancements, collaboration is the key to successfully fighting fraud & we are at the forefront of that."