Carpenters Group and Donna Scully featured in this special report

24 January 2023

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Carpenters Group and Donna Scully featured in this special report by Insurance Business UK: "Global best in Insurance 2022". This report celebrates the outstanding companies and professionals in the insurance industry.

"Carpenters Group is a family business at heart, founded in 1994 by chairman John Carpenter with director Donna Scully joining three years later. Their values-led approach and culture of openness and inclusion have shaped the business to become what it is today.

The firm has grown significantly and now has over 1,000 employees spread across multiple locations in the UK, providing legal and insurance services to insurers, brokers and MGAs via a successful hybrid-working model. Carpenters Group has the scale and strength to work with any partner.

Since the beginning, the company has focused both on its people and clients. Carpenters Group's programmes exist in different forms, but it recently invested in diversity and inclusion, along with bolstering its well-being and charity agenda.

Donna Richards, CEO, says, “We are more than ever committed to listening to our people and clients so that they can help shape and drive forward our strategic objectives.”

Carpenters Group prides itself on delivering excellent customer service within an environment that fosters innovation. This is evidenced by the firm’s ongoing technological investments, allowing it to continue maintaining its high standards and first-class service.

“Whilst we believe in artificial intelligence, we believe the best outcome is where artificial and emotional intelligence combine. Our people make us what we are,” says Richards.

Over the course of 2022, Carpenters Group has continued to win new work using its technology to operate more efficiently, both for new clients and long-standing partners. To further improve its performance, the business has put over 100 managers through a formal management development and leadership programme which is already paying dividends in terms of results.

The firm continually revises its talent acquisition, resource and succession planning agenda to ensure the correct people are being located at the correct levels, to deliver what is required by clients. This is all with the goal of commercial longevity at the forefront.

Richards comments, “We have worked very hard to future-proof our business by being transparent about what our business and people objectives are, and what and who we need to be able to deliver them with success.”

Being featured in Key Media’s Global Best in Insurance 2022 is a mark of how well Carpenters Group is regarded and they acknowledge the recognition whilst reaffirming their ambition and vision.

“We’re very proud of all our people and our business, for what we have achieved to date but also looking forward to what we will achieve in the future," says Richards.

“We are ambitious and driven and we go into 2023 full of enthusiasm and innovation for making it a great year for us and our people. Always putting the customer at the heart of everything we do."



Donna Scully also featured in this report in relation to her being announced on Insurance Business UK’s ‘Elite Women’ List 2022!




Credit: Insurance Business UK