Carpenters Group are proud to support the Right To Food Week

17 September 2023

The Right to Food Week takes place on the 18th – 23rd September, bringing people together to ensure the collective demand for a Right to Food is heard.

We will be supporting the Hunger March on Saturday 23rd September which will be campaigning for a change in the law. 
The Liverpool march will commence at 12 noon at St George’s Hall steps, and the march will go the Bombed Out Church (Famine Monument) and then on to The Casa for a campaign rally at 1pm. There will be several speakers at the rally plus a performance from the fabulous Mel Bowen, who will be playing a very special hand-made guitar that was recently donated to the Right To Food Campaign.


Why are we supporting it?

The signs of deepening hardship can be seen in every part of the UK, with longer and longer queues at foodbanks and baby formula under lock and key in supermarkets. Almost 1 in 5 (18%) households in the UK are now experiencing food insecurity and more than half a million children fell below the poverty line in the last year.

A motion in Parliament in support of Right To Food Week 2023 has been tabled and gets under way today. It aims to make access to food a legal right for all.

This is a national week of action which aims to increase awareness of food poverty in the UK and to bring people together to ensure the collective demand for a Right to Food is heard.

What is the Right to Food Campaign?
The Right To Food Campaign has five key demands which, if implemented by Government, would be a huge step towards eradicating hunger.

These are:

  1. Universal free school meals. No child should go hungry and the Right To Food campaign is calling for free school meals for every child.
  2. Government to state how much of minimum wages and benefits (on which people are expected to live) is for food. The Right To Food Campaign wants Government to reveal how much money is factored in for food when setting minimum/living wages and benefits.
  3. Independent enforcement of legislation. Right To Food legislation must be accompanied by oversight and enforcement powers granted to a new independent regulatory body that will hold Government to account.
  4. Community Kitchens. The Right To Food Campaign believes Community Kitchens provide a workable solution to food poverty. Government should fund dining clubs and ‘meals-on-wheels’ services for the elderly and vulnerable, school holiday meals for those most in need and cookery clubs for the wider community.
  5. Ensured food security. Government must ensure food security and take this into account when setting competition, planning, transport, local government and all other policy.