Charity Spotlight: The Girl's Network

07 March 2024

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Carpenters Group are proud to partner with so many amazing charities and good causes that do vital work in our local communities. Every month we shine the spotlight on one of these to showcase everything they have to offer.

This month we have picked The Girl's Network - A charity that inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional role models who are women.

We spoke to, Jeni Nugent from The Girl's Network.

March: The Girl's Network

The Girls’ Network believe that no girls should have their futures limited by their gender, sex, ethnicity, background, or parental income and they should be supported to realise their ambitions, to discover their self-worth, and to develop their capacity to shape their world and their futures.

The charity works to inspire and empower 14-19 year old girls by building their confidence, self-esteem and aspirations through 121 mentoring and access to a network of role models and through delivering workshops on life skills and providing access to new opportunities. 

Many of the girls they work with don’t believe they can have high-status careers or achieve their ambitions, and may have only been exposed to narrow, stereotypical experiences of work. They introduce them to women who show them everything that they can be.

  Why is IWD important?  

International Women's Day celebrates women's achievements, raises awareness around discrimination, and encouragers people to take action to drive gender parity. it gives us the opportunity to talk about the important work we do to ensure that all girls can reach their true potential. 

  What impact have you had?   

We work with around 1000 girls a year from the least advantaged communities across England.  Following the programme, 75% of girls say they are able to focus more at school, 91% feel more confident, and 93% feel more positive about the future. 

A recent mentee, Yentel, aged 20 says: “I definitely wouldn't be where I am without my mentor, Emma. She opened my eyes to all the possibilities for my future and put me in touch with some fantastic people who provided me with insight and practical advice.” 

  How can people support you?  

Individually: This International Women’s Day, we are asking people to support our fundraising appeal to enable us to reach more girls and young women from the least advantaged communities – including schools local to us in Liverpool and Birkenhead. The girls we mentor need our support more than ever; research shows that their life chances and well-being are being negatively affected by the cost-of-living crisis and post-COVID environment. 

To help girls realise their ambitions, discover their self-worth, and develop their capacity to shape their world and their futures, please donate here:

  At work: do you have a charity of the year? Could you nominate us? And vote for us!  

We are actively seeking local businesses' to partner with us, to help us fund our services and plan for the future. Corporate partnerships are bespoke to your organisation, and can encompass a variety of activities such as mentoring opportunities in local schools, or the chance to connect with our ambassador programme, inspiring past mentees through online webinar, workplace visits, or even by promoting paid internship or career opportunities. 

Of course a formal partnership isn't always right and we would also welcome the opportunity to discuss other initiatives and employee fundraising with you too! 

  How can people get involved?  

Mentor: we are recruiting mentors to work with girls in Birmingham, Brighton, London, Horsham, Merseyside, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tees Valley and Tyne & Wear. If you would like to help a girl to believe in her unlimited future please get in touch to find out more:

Fundraise: get in touch with Jeni Nugent ( if you’d like to become a partner or fundraise for us.  

  Where can people find out more? 

For more information on The Girls’ Network please visit:

To watch a video about mentoring please visit:

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