Charity Spotlight: The Inclusive Hub

17 January 2024

2 minute read.

Carpenters Group are proud to partner with so many amazing charities and good causes that do vital work in our local communities. Every month we shine the spotlight on one of these to showcase everything they have to offer.

This month we have picked The Inclusive Hub - A Multi-Award winning CIC who help people of all abilities/ages via Boxing, Fitness and Community Initiatives. 

We spoke to Director, Liam Starkey, who first opened the hub in 2016. 

January: The Inclusive Hub 

The Inclusive Hub works with people across a range of abilities and individual needs, to promote health, fitness and community engagement. The Hub started out in 2016 to create a welcoming environment which was fully inclusive; and to develop opportunities and life chances for the people across Merseyside. Many of these people would otherwise struggle to find specialised provision to allow them to develop their fitness, make new friends, and develop social inclusion. The main objective of the Hub is to give differently abled people and people from marginalised groups the tools and skills to be the best version of themselves and to live their life to the full. There is an average of 300 people each week using our services, and this number is growing; with over 1000 registered with us. 

Working with people with additional needs is a very special and rewarding role and whilst the sessions may look like lots of fun and games there is actually a well-thought out, scientifically based structure behind the activities. All of our attendees have areas of strength and areas that can be improved; it is our job to ‘know the person’ and work together as a team to best support each individual.

  What do you do?  

We now have a wide range of activities and support programmes meeting the needs of several groups of people in the community. E.g. working with local schools, both SEND and mainstream. Our Women’s Group and Dr. Referrals group who meet every morning to develop physical fitness and emotional and mental wellbeing. We also hold Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programmes to ensure that children are fed and active during the school holidays.

  How can people seek support from you?  

Visit our website, or Instagram @the_inclusive_hub, you will then be contacted for a welcome call to visit us at The Inclusive Hub

  Are you looking for volunteers?  

We are always on the lookout for people to join our team... please contact us via our website for more details.