In Focus: January - Career Development, Collaboration & much more...

04 January 2024

We asked the Carpenters Group leadership team about Career Development, Collaboration & much below to see their thoughts.

Career Development

I’ve always seen Insurance Services as the ‘talent feeder’ for the rest of the business. There are several colleagues that have joined us over the years that started with no experience, some even began in out of hours whilst studying and moved full time when they completed their studies. There are those colleagues that just want to come into work do a great job and go home and that’s perfectly fine, we definitely couldn’t manage without these colleagues.

For those that do want to progress there are many career opportunities and this is why I was passionate in our career development programme. A lot of people, like myself, didn’t actually know what they wanted to do as a career and fell into insurance! The career development programme helps you realise your strengths and could open up routes you had never previously considered. There are many colleagues that have chosen the management route, moving to deputy, then team manager, others have chosen a more technical route moving across claims specialities.

We also have colleagues that have been able to utilise their degrees moving into Legal or IT for example. Did you know in the last year we had 50 colleagues who progressed in their careers within Carpenters Group, that’s 11% of Insurance Services!

If you want to progress please review the material on the intranet to support your development and speak to your team manager or myself.

Sam Nicholson, Head of Insurance Services, Carpenters Group


The typical definition of collaboration being: “The action of working with someone to produce something,” it sounds pretty straightforward, but in the world of insurance, mass market competition and my personal favourite, “we’ve always done it this way”, being good at collaboration requires far more than just working alongside someone. It requires a deep understanding of both businesses and the demands within.

Collaboration helps to introduce efficiencies in how people and their businesses work better, together. The outcomes of such work can lead to the generation of greater fiscal value as people, teams and organisations galvanise around objectives, often creating extra time as well as the holy grail itself, customer service enhancement!

This focus can often help amplify commercial focus and in turn create competitive advantage. Whilst collaboration can amplify commercial focus and ultimately commercial outcomes, we need to think of it as more than work, it also involves a huge amount of trust.

As a business, Carpenters Group are now providing strategic guidance and support to over 20 insurers, each month, on a range of legal matters. From current claims positions on OIC cases, including a full dash-board overview on all statuses, all the way through to complicated Multi-Track matters. Our ability to work with and support insurers in an agile, on-demand basis, has led to significant improvements in reserving accuracy and settlement speed.

In September, we completed a record number.

We know our customers and our data better than anyone, that’s why you won’t find us supporting third party data iniativies anywhere in the mediation marketplace, our accessibility to emergent customer data, alongside our customer focus is our USP for Carpenters Group and its customers.

Simon Smith,
Director of Claims Strategy, Carpenters Group

How does Carpenters Group assist insurers and credit hire organisations (CHO) with recoveries?

Here at Carpenters Group we understand the challenges the market faces around dispute resolution in regard to the recovery of claims.

Our specialised Recovery Department handles the resolution of non-injury claims up to any value. This includes teams dedicated to recovering subrogated losses for insurers, credit hire and uninsured loss recovery (ULR) for both commercial and personal clients.  

We act on the behalf of some of the largest insurers and credit hire organisation in the market and understand the financial importance of recovering of losses quickly and successfully.

Our Recovery Department has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Part 7 litigation and, by virtue of the multiple legal services Carpenters Group offer to the industry, we have a 360° strategic view of the market and adapt to changes rapidly.

Often negotiations break down between parties and settlement cannot be reached. In those situations, Carpenters Group can initiate the litigation process and seek recovery of customer losses. Prior to the commencement of court proceedings, our teams ensure that the pre-action protocol is adhered to. This offers protections to the costs our clients incur during litigation. 

We appreciate that policyholders and CHO customers may find the litigation process a daunting prospect. Our dedicated teams of legal advisers support customers every step of the way. We endeavour to make the process as frictionless as possible and ensure our approach runs parallel to consumer duty and vulnerable customer requirements.

Adam Daloub,
Operations Manager, Carpenters Group