International Volunteer Day

05 December 2022

International Volunteer Day is on December 5 annually. It’s a day that recognises the efforts of volunteers in transforming society, economies, and the environment.

On this day, members of the public focus on issues of concern in their communities. The goal is not just to get others to volunteer for one day but to change people’s mind-sets, attitudes, and behaviours so they become agents of change and work as partners to build a better world with the aim of supporting sustainable human development and equity between one another.

Volunteering and supporting our local, national and international communities and charities is very important to Carpenters Group. Read some of our colleague stories below:

Team 'building' - books for mental health     

My name is Ellie Vincent and my team and I recently spent the morning volunteering at Builder Book UK Project for Boat of Hope in the Northwest Motor Auction in Liverpool. This project is in place to make a difference and bring hope to young people who have been battling with mental health issues and raise awareness of mental health, suicide and depression across the globe.

After checking with our line manager first that we were able to take part, we got in touch with the project and arranged our day and time. We arrived in the morning, had a brief overview of how it would go and then we got started. We were in a production line style set up with each section having a different job, starting from building the cardboard boxes to filling them with books and then packing everything together at the end. We got plenty of pictures, genuinely had a laugh and enjoyed helping out. It left us feeling very fulfilled and happy.

Volunteering at Sean's Place     

The past few years have been extremely tough for all with a lot of negativity surrounding our day to day lives. Earlier this year I was complaining about how negative things were and how there was nothing which could be done to change that.

Then I realised that nothing can change unless we change something so I decided to volunteer with an outreach group. I bumped into this group whilst in town and swapped details before agreeing to cook hot meals to be passed out to the homeless in Liverpool City Centre. Since then I have spent my Monday nights walking around the city centre with an amazing group of people handing out hot and cold meals, hot drinks, clothes, toiletries and blankets/sleeping bags etc. to our friends living on the streets.

In May I also got an amazing opportunity to support Sean’s Place, Men’s Mental Health charity, as a volunteer mentor. This has seen me spend a few hours each Friday night in their drop in sessions, where the guys can come for a hot drink and to socialise. These night can change between group discussions, games of pool/ darts and individual chats but always leave me learning something new and via this I have recently began delivering CBT support in one on one sessions.

Volunteering has genuinely changed me for the better, I have met so many amazing people and been given the opportunities to help them in different ways. I’m grateful for all the support those close to me have given in donations and love the stories I have heard from both organisations I have the privilege of volunteering with.

By a member of the People team.

Did you know...?     

All colleagues are entitled to 2 days paid leave every year to volunteer at a registered charity, if anyone would like any further details please contact