National Customer Service Week - Driving Sustainable Growth

05 October 2023

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a hot topic at the moment and Carpenters Group predict will now forever remain so, especially with regard to the damage being done to our environment. Climate change is happening in front of our own eyes and as the most recent WWF report demonstrates, global biodiversity has plummeted over a very short period of time.

At Carpenters Group we believe that a company’s impact is not measured by its statements or guidelines, it is measured by its actions.

We are committed to the Science Based Targets initiative to set ambitious emission reduction targets. This is a key initiative in the journey to Net Zero. This is a significant milestone in our Carpenters Group net-zero journey. It’s exciting to see the actions underway to help our business reduce emissions and tackling climate change.

ESG is embedded into our thinking from the Board down and Carpenters Group have long been big supporters of the communities in which we operate and whilst we may be able to more easily measure and see the impact at the local level, we are all part of a global family. We therefore have and will continue to take actions to have positives impacts.

Carpenters Group understands the importance of engaging our diverse teams, whilst providing a positive employee experience. Respected leadership and clear channels of communication are key to creating a positive workplace culture. We know that employer benefits for different demographics need to be attractive for all. This is an evolving process as whilst some benefits are appreciated by all, conceivably 18 year olds tend to have very different ideas to what makes an organisation great to work for compared to an employee in their 40s!

Employees want to work for an organisation with an inclusive culture. Carpenters Group has had a positive response to the launch of our Diversity & Inclusion working group. We have seen an array of topics brought forward, which are important to our employees, including; LGBTQ+, ethnicity, religious beliefs, mental health.

With the unprecedented ‘cost of living crisis’ the UK is facing we must stick together, support each other and not be afraid to ask for help. We must look at our charity work externally and have a mind to the charities, like foodbanks, feeding those struggling. We must look internally to our people who may be struggling to make ends meet, to heat, cook and buy food.  What can we do to help?

Carpenters Group will not bury our head in the sand, we will continue to stand up, be counted and support each other.