New Generation in Claims Interview: Lauren Dunne

23 March 2023

I Love Claims Interview with Lauren Dunne, Training and Audit Manager, Carpenters Group.

Tell us about your role, and what aspect of it has surprised you most?

My career in Carpenters Group started back in 2010. My current role, which I started in January 2020 is Training and Audit Manager within our Insurance Services Division, after previously working across various operational teams throughout the business.

My day-to-day job is to oversee our academy process for all new starters who join the Insurance Services Division and ensure they all receive appropriate training and support when they join the business. Nobody leaves the training academy until they reach a certain, agreed level of competence and I am responsible for setting those standards and agreeing the sign-off process with the management team in Insurance Services.

In addition to new starters, I am also responsible for delivering ongoing training to everyone within Insurance Services. This can include new scheme training, updates and refresher training based on audit feedback and management information.

In Feb 2022, I took ownership of the induction for all new starters who join the business across all Divisions and Departments, ensuring everyone has the same day 1 experience no matter what role or office you are joining.

I think this is what has surprised me the most, how my role has evolved so much in the past three years. I have much more responsibility and the variety within the role means I work with so many different people across so many different levels and areas of the business.

What has been your proudest professional achievement, and why? 

My length of service and passion for the job is something that makes me incredibly proud.  During my time at Carpenters Group I have expanded my knowledge and experience across the different insurance, claims and legal services we provide. I always strive to keep learning new skills every day and passing on my existing skills to my colleagues. A recent example that I am very proud of was using my knowledge from a previous role within Carpenters to create a best practice document to assist one of our Insurer Clients that has now been rolled out across their entire business and is used every day by their handlers.

My proudest moment though was when I won a Positive Impact award at the Carpenters Group Annual Colleague Awards evening. Receiving such great recognition from my colleagues across the business was immensely satisfying and rewarding.


Credit: I Love Claims