One Punch Awareness Week

23 September 2022

Carpenters Group are proud to support One Punch Awareness Week. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the devastation that one punch can do, not only to those involved but everyone else around them.

Our Head of Serious and Catastrophic Injury, Carol Hopwood, explains why she is supporting One Punch Awareness Week. 

"As a serious injury lawyer, I have seen too many times the dreadful outcome of needless social violence. The consequences of a split second decision taken in the heat of the moment are far reaching and lives are ruined.  People don’t think that “just one punch” can end a life or cause life changing injuries but we know that it can and does.  Whether it’s the punch itself or a catastrophic brain injury suffered when hitting the floor – both have the potential to be fatal and this is happening too often. The ripple effect is far reaching and long lasting and it all could have been avoided.

We are pleased to support the critical work of One Punch Awareness this week and to support the education of people to recognise the warning signs of dangerous situations evolving and how to de-escalate potentially violent confrontation.

People need to be educated and encouraged to make safe choices and given that over 50% of such incidents involve alcohol we need people to take greater responsibility for their own actions when drinking.   We hope that by raising awareness people will learn to walk away or think twice before resorting to violent conduct.  No one should have to go through what Kristian’s parents, friends and family went through."