Our Director, Donna Scully, speaks with Insurance Post about equality & smashing the glass ceiling

06 March 2024

1 minute read

"From the get-go, we’ve tried to run a people-orientated business. Focusing on what our people need and how they can progress with us in a positive way has always been at the forefront for both of us. 

We introduced flexible working really early on, before we could really handle it, but we knew it was important for childcare, caring responsibilities, further education and a good home and work balance. 

Again, very early on, we also introduced paid time off for training. Looking back, much of the uptake came from our women; this way, they could fit it in with their busy lives.

Getting qualifications and additional training saw many of them progress through our business. Giving our people the opportunity to train and gain qualifications is something I feel very passionate about." 


Credit: Insurance Post