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07 August 2023

Nicola Gleave spent 20 years working in economic development for Liverpool City Council and was Head of Entrepreneurship for Liverpool Vision. She led the City's bid and delivery of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in 2012. Nicola also runs her own consultancy business, and in 2018 was named and featured in a book called ’21 Stories of Women Who Shaped Our City’ by The Women’s Organisation.

In 2014 Nicola was diagnosed with breast cancer which gave her the inspiration to set up Worn By Us with a desire to raise money for charity. This began by asking celebrities to donate fashion items they had worn to raise money for charity.  Jacqueline Gold, founder of Ann Summers (who has sadly passed away following breast cancer) was the first person to support Nicola donating a blue Phillip Armstrong evening gown which was sold to raise money for Royal Liverpool Hospital Charity.

Interest grew and Nicola started receiving donations of clothing from others who had heard her story. Worn By Us evolved through the growing interest of individuals who approached Nicola asking her to sell unwanted clothing items on their behalf – sometimes for proceeds to be donated to charity and sometimes for individuals to receive the proceeds, earning some money back from the sale.

Nicola became very interested in the growing narrative of the impact of fashion on the environment and committed to a core purpose to help to keep clothing in use for longer. 

Today, Worn By Us provides personal resale services for unwanted clothing items for individuals and also works with fashion retailers and brands to provide resale solutions for unwanted stock and resale schemes for their customers.

Donna Scully, Director of Carpenters Group, had this to say:

“I’ve wanted to sell my old clothes to raise money for the amazing community groups I work with especially in the cost of living crisis. Since covid, we don’t need to dress up as much so I know I won’t need as many clothes.

I put out a request on twitter to ask for somebody who does this – sells and will let me choose the charities, and people recommended Nicola and Worn by Us so I approached her.”

If you have items which you would like Worn By Us to sell on your behalf, please visit their website and fill in your contact details or email them at

Worn By Us