The Insurance Charities – providing a lifeline in troubled waters

19 June 2023

Each year The Insurance Charities supports hundreds of insurance employees and their families in times of need. It can transform lives for the better and provide an essential lifeline for as long as it’s needed.

Our Director, Donna Scully said: “The insurance industry is a kind one, always helping others through their fundraising and community funds. The Insurance Charities is very special, as is the amazing work they do for struggling former insurance people and their dependants. They don’t just give financial advice but practical advice and signposting too.”

The Insurance Charities is the only charity in the UK and Ireland solely supporting current and former insurance employees whatever their role. Last year it awarded over £1.3 million to support those in the industry facing challenging circumstances such as:

  • Poor health
  • Domestic abuse
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Depression
  • Disability
  • Financial problems
  • Tragedy
  • Redundancy

The Charity can help with one-off payments to finance essential items such as property repairs, household appliances, and furniture. It can also provide ongoing financial help (including charitable loans) where income is restricted or insufficient to meet higher than average costs that have arisen.

Some of the Charity’s beneficiaries have shared their story and explained why they got in touch.

It also works with other organisations such as Aware in Ireland, Shelter UK, and Alzheimer’s Society to provide practical support where needed. Through these fantastic charities, it can help those experiencing mild depression, assist those with housing concerns, and those affected by dementia. 

Applicants do not need to be a member of an insurance-related body or association, and both working and non-working people can apply. 

To contact The Insurance Charities in confidence email or call 020 7606 3763. Find out more and apply for help at