Welcome to our new apprentices!

19 October 2022

We would like you to meet our apprentices of 2022!

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to our amazing apprentices who are all a crucial part of the Carpenters Group team!

(From left to right ; Kelsie Caroll, Beth McMahon-Bell, Freya Schumann, Eve O'Leary, Marcus Haslam and Max Griffiths)

Kelsie Carroll

"I am 18 years old and have just left Birkenhead Sixth Form College where I studied Law, Business and Psychology. After receiving my exam results, despite doing well, I decided University was not for me. I then decided an apprenticeship was going to benefit me much more and would help me to begin the career I want."


Beth McMahon-Bell

"I came to Carpenters Group in August from Sixth Form where I studied English Literature, Politics and History. I am completing the paralegal apprenticeship and chose to do this as an alternative route to University because I believed I would gain vital experience to pursue a career in law that University could not offer. Whilst studying one day per week, I will be working alongside professionals and will gain a wide range of knowledge and skills."


Freya Schumann

"I am 18 and I went to Broughton Hall Sixth Form where I studied Health and Social Care, Media and Business. I knew that I did not want to go to University and I realised that an apprenticeship was the best option for me to kickstart my career."


Eve O’Leary

"I have recently finished Sixth Form where I studied Media, Health and Social Care and Sociology. Whilst I was studying I also worked for Carpenters Group FRU team part-time. I decided that I did not want to go to University and applied for the admin apprenticeship in the legal team."


Marcus Haslam

"I am 18 years old and went to Merchant Taylors’ Boy's School and completed A-levels in Economics, History and Business Studies. I am now completing the HR apprenticeship at Carpenters Group as I did not feel that attending University was the right choice for me."


Max Griffiths

"I went to College and completed a BTEC in Coaching and was awarded an extended Diploma in Coaching whilst working part time at Mcdonalds. I chose to complete the admin apprenticeship and decided on this route to gain experience and learn new skills."