Collaboration is still the way forward

17 December 2020

3 minute read.


Director, Donna Scully, has been speaking to Modern Insurance Magazine as part of an expert view Editorial Board.


Question: What impact has the pandemic had on your company culture long term?



"Huge uncertainty still exists as we all grapple with a Covid-world the delicate balancing act of getting about our usual business and health. There will be many long-term impacts, however, in terms of our business the pandemic demonstrated the very best of our people and the corporate culture we have sought to develop over many years.

With fewer than 3% of our team remaining on site during the lockdown, the transition to home working was swift. Colleagues  faced new challenges with childcare, became teachers and carers, all whilst ensuring our clients were looked after. It was important we quickly recognised these issues and provide the support and framework needed.

 The lockdown has truly demonstrated the collective resilience and spirit of our Carpenters Family! Their support and compassion for each other and the wider community has been outstanding, but not surprising! Morale was boosted by great internal communication including WhatsApp groups, weekly updates  and a dedicated area of the intranet which includes amongst other things, tips on WFH, social activities and wellbeing support. New colleagues joining since lockdown have been successfully welcomed into the team and, I understand, quickly developed a sense of belonging.

Agile working was already under consideration, pandemic learnings have demonstrated its benefits for individuals, business and environment alike. Whilst recognising home working does not suit all, offices will evolve into hubs, facilitating collaboration, training and creative and innovative thinking.

Having long recognised that technology is the key to futureproofing the business, this investment paid off handsomely, allowing agility and flexibility to shine through. A collaborative approach has long been a defining characteristic of the company, and this has only been enhanced by Covid-19 where we have worked closely with insurers and brokers, increasing support for them and their clients wherever needed. For example in providing necessary equipment to make remote communication easier for seriously injured clients and utilising our Resolver solution to ensure the claims settlement process continued. Our team has successfully on-boarded new clients, services and embraced new online methods of working. The pandemic has only highlighted to us the importance and value of a nurturing a positive company culture and we will continue to embrace it."