Customer Celebration

07 September 2021

3 minute read

Our Commercial Director, Paul Challoner, recently spoke to Modern Law Magazine about our Partnership Approach with lnsurers, Brokers and MGA's. This article celebrates the customer.


I joined Carpenters Group 5 years ago after spending 20 great years at RSA. Having had a few conversations with the leadership team at Carpenters, I was reminded of a quote by the great Bill Shankly; it was clear that “Carpenters was made for me and I was made for Carpenters”. Well, he said Liverpool, not Carpenters, but you catch my drift.

Our approach to putting the customer first starts with our Insurer, Broker and MGA clients, with whom we have worked in partnership with, across the motor and home claims industry for over 27 years, delivering a variety of fully outsourced  Insurance and Legal services.

Our long-standing relationships are built upon fully transparent, fair, sustainable commercial agreements with real time data, driving strong MI analysis to support decisions; but most of all, open and honest conversations where we look for solutions and innovations for shared success stories.

I could bore you with the detail about our monthly performance reviews and how we drive to remove friction and unnecessary touch points but that is pretty standard stuff.

The best strategic and innovation based sessions are when we go back to basics with “why can’t we just…” chats, where we flip everything on its head and look to not simply improve things but to do things completely different. These sessions always bring fresh ideas to the table and ultimately new products or services we then implement for our partners.

Atlanta group’s Daniel Athorn agrees.

“Carpenters Group are a key strategic partner to Atlanta and provide us with much more than just a claims service with constant dialogue ensuring we are ahead of the claims curve at all times.  Our relationship is built on trust and openness which despite our businesses individual scale it enables us to be agile when dealing with challenges or new schemes. Nothing is ever too much for the Carpenters Group team.”

We have recently built new solutions for Insurers who were looking to outsource elements of their insurance services and having just joined the MGAA, we are currently refining our products and services with new partners each week.

Money On My Mind – End to End Supply Chain Benefits

At Carpenters Group we are very aware of both the commercial challenges and opportunities within the industry and we have regular dialogue with our partners about increasing their bottom line through either improved rates, securing additional available income within the claims journey or stripping out layers of costs.

Our agnostic approach to using the Insurers choice of repair, hire, medical and any other onward service providers, allows Insurers to plug in their preferred supply chain and utilise current contractual arrangements.

Should an Insurer, Broker or MGA not have a supply chain in place or if they are not benefitting fully from the opportunities in the market then rather than have a one stop shop approach which restricts who they can use, Carpenters Group will effectively ‘bespoke tailor’ the supply chain to fit the customer base and services required with our fully transparent commercial modelling ensuring we maximise the bottom line impact.

Turning back to Shankly and it feels appropriate to finish with another of his famous quotes - and is something I keep close to my thoughts when working with our partners.

“Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball when you have it and of making yourself available to receive a pass”.

Paul Challoner
Commercial Director, Carpenters Group

Credit: Modern Law Magazine